There is consensus in Europe that high quality learning provision can be achieved by developing a skilled teaching workforce through initial training, continuous professional development (CPD) and mobility.

The Project

The IPAL project is a joint initiative of 5 organizations from Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Germany that seeks to contribute to improve the current situation at a European level by developing quality assurance tools and training resources that promote the professional development of adult trainers and the quality of adult education.

Our Objectives

ΕΝ Development of
Quality Monitoring Tools
for adults education providers'
Training Resources
for adult educators
Improvement of instructional practices in adult education

Target Groups

Education Organizations

Adult Education Providers (Organizations)

Education Organizations

Adult Educators (Trainers)

Education Organizations

Stakeholders in other Educational Sectors


The Partnership

Tribeka Training Lab
Promimpresa SRL
European Center for Quality Ltd (ECQ)
Academy of Entrepreneurship