Internal Aspects Questions

In this section, you can evaluate how you are handling internal aspects of CPD within your organisation. You will have to answer seven questions and then you will get the appropriate scorecard. It will give you input and valuable information.

  1. How often do you carry out an internal evaluation with your teachers/trainers (including freelancers) about their wishes and needs for CPD per year?

  2. How vital are CPD qualifications when you hire a new adult educator?

  3. Do you allow your staff to receive CPD during their working time?

  4. Do you offer financial benefits to your staff who implement CPD in their free time?

  5. Do you think that participants’ evaluation is enough to assess CPD needs for your staff?

  6. Does your organisation have in place an evaluation system about your trainers' satisfaction?

  7. How often do you discuss with your trainers regarding their satisfaction with CPD offered by your organisation?