Intellectual Output 1

Scorecard and screening questionnaire on adult education providers’ performance in terms of the professional development of adult educators

Our research will have two main sections: 

  1. Identification of the main areas and performance metrics to analyse and benchmark
  2. Identification of relevant good practices and superior performance, accompanied by explanation on how improving performance on CPD of staff could bring competitive advantage in the education market.

The IO1, through its methodology, will:  

  1. raise awareness of adult education providers’ responsibilities with regard to the CPD of training/teaching staff,
  2. help each adult education provider identify those areas of its approach to CPD that need further assessment and improvement,
  3. offer a checklist of the most typical successful approaches and institutional policies in the field of CPD and help adult education providers assess to what extent such approaches and policies are already present and developed in the institution or to what extent they could be developed in the future.  

This tool will allow adult education providers to become aware of the benefits of improved policy on CPD and to perform honest self-assessment and benchmarking exercise without the pressure of penalties.

In the field of adult education there are basic empirical deficiencies as well as knowledge that lead to incomplete or unreliable adult education. In this case, training and professional development of trainers is needed. The shortcomings are more pronounced especially in non-formal education. There are problems such as:

  1. an even more pronounced lack of formal regulation
  2. formal requirements or monitoring
  3. weak awareness and culture of CPD among trainers

In addition, adult educators do not have the initial pedagogical qualification and knowledge for proper methodology and approach of the trainees. At the same time, adult education providers do not know how to improve the situation and especially when not subject to accreditation, they are not pressured.

This intellectual output addresses these shortcomings by developing a scorecard, a screening tool on adult education providers’ performance with regard to the CPD of their staff.

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