Screening Questionnaire

Delivery process of adult education programmes

In this section, you can evaluate the quality of the delivery process, including the learners’ satisfaction, the resources and the quality of adult education staff. You will have to answer a few questions and get the appropriate scorecard. It will give you input and valuable information.

The acronym (AEP) stands for Adult Education Provider.

  1. To what extent have the learning programmes been adjusted to the background and interest of the learning group?

  2. To what extent do the learning sources encourage adult students to be active in education and self-directed learning?

  3. To what extent can teachers involve learners in the learning process to increase their engagement?

  4. Do the teachers encourage students' creativity (or do they strictly follow the learning programme)?

  5. Is the teaching staff provided with enough ICT tools to offer an up-to-date learning process?

  6. To what extent has the AEP included the newest ICT tools in the learning programme?

  7. In terms of equity of access to learning, does the AEP have experienced trainers and resources adjusted for students with special needs?

  8. In terms of flexibility, to what extent does the AEP consider the needs of individual learners in the design or adjustment of the training schedule (e.g. lesson time for employees to be in the evenings and/or Saturdays)?

  9. To what extent has the AEP designed its educational programme to encourage learners' self-confidence and self-esteem and improve job satisfaction?

  10. Does the AEP apply practical exercises in the learning process to prepare adult learners for the job market? If yes, what is their percentage?

  11. To what extent has the AEP aligned the curriculum with each teacher's professional and personal background to assure an effective learning process?

  12. To what extent has AEP aligned the teaching staff horarium with each teacher's specific curriculum, methodology and CPD activities?

  13. Does the AEP apply evaluation tests during the learning process to check students' progress and make amendments during the learning process if it needs to?

  14. Does the AEP attend regular staff meetings to be aware of the ongoing issues and solve them immediately during the learning process?

  15. To which extent do the learning facilities, material conditions and overall learning environment comply with the methodology and topic of the courses?