Screening Questionnaire

Outcomes and impact of adult education programmes

In this section, you can evaluate the quality of the impact, the outcomes and the relevance of the delivered education. You will have to answer a few questions and get the appropriate scorecard. It will give you input and valuable information.

The acronym (AEP) stands for Adult Education Provider.

  1. Does the AEP have a clear procedure for evaluating the relevance of each programme offered?

  2. To what extent have the AEP programmes met the initial learners' abilities and expectations?

  3. Were the abilities gained through the training program crucial for the learners' career advancement opportunities?

  4. Does the AEP track participants' employment status after completing a training program?

  5. To what extent has the collaboration with external companies and organisations helped learners to find a new job?

  6. To what extent have learners shown progress in their practical skills in the final programme evaluation?

  7. To what extent have the teaching staff acquired new methodologies after the end of the programme to be up-to-date with the new trends in the adult educational field?

  8. To what extent does the AEP consider students' feedback about courses' relevance to improve its training offer?

  9. Based on the initial learners' needs, to which extent has the AEP upgraded the educational offer with content based on the labour market needs?

  10. Does the AEP regularly analyse the short (e.g. skills improvements), medium (e.g. higher salary, better professional environment) and long-term (e.g. permanent employment, better working conditions) effects of learners' participation in the training?

  11. In terms of the social relevance of the educational offer, does the AEP gather data from its students on how the courses have affected their overall well-being and quality of life?

  12. If the AEP has provided its teaching staff with some training, have they improved the educational offer (measured by the learners’ progress and satisfaction at the end of the courses)?

  13. Compared to previous years, has the number of students and new programmes increased in the last year?

  14. To what extent the AEP could be ranked among the best adult education providers with regard to the quality of its services?

  15. Does the AEP track the learners' willingness to engage in further training in the same organisation?