Screening Questionnaire

Planning process of adult education programmes

In this section, you can evaluate the quality of the planning process, including its flexibility to meet the learners, teachers and labour market needs. You will have to answer a few questions and get the appropriate scorecard. It will give you input and valuable information.

The acronym (AEP) stands for Adult Education Provider.

  1. To what extent does the adult education provider (AEP) consult with current employers to formulate relevant learning aims and develop skills that the market requires?

  2. To what extent does the AEP consider the educators' and learners' needs when preparing the learning programme?

  3. How many times a year does the AEP perform an analysis allowing him to plan its educational offer for the long term?

  4. Does the AEP plan the appropriate activities and resources in advance?

  5. Does the AEP foresee flexibility to adjust, replace, add or remove initial methods and tools at a delivery phase to stay relevant and engaging for learners?

  6. To what extent is the AEP prepared for unforeseeable circumstances such as pandemics, earthquakes, etc.?

  7. To what extent does the AEP offer learning resources adjusted to the needs of under-represented groups? (e.g. tailored content, e-learning platforms, etc.)?

  8. To what extent does the AEP plan to involve ICT tools to improve the learning process? (e.g. Trello, Google Classroom, etc.)

  9. Does the AEP plan to involve practical exercises in the learning process to motivate students to be more active in the learning process?

  10. To what extent does AEP design the programme to prepare the learners for real-life situations?

  11. Does the AEP offer personalised programmes of study? (e.g. online lessons and lessons during the weekends)

  12. What does the AEP consider when compiling the adult education programme fee?

  13. Does the AEP plan every stage of the programme (e.g. planning, delivery, evaluation, and relevance) at the very beginning?

  14. To what extent does the AEP plan a marketing strategy to promote its programme among target groups?

  15. Is the adult education programme in line with the goals and values of the institution itself?