Intellectual Output 3

Scorecard and screening questionnaire on adult education providers’ performance in terms of the relevance of the adult education provision

Adult education providers (AEP) currently face a number of challenges:

  1. Increasingly more diverse groups of learners, including minorities, non-traditional learners, low-skilled learners and refugees
  2. Pressure to respond to labor market dynamics and demand
  3. Rapid introduction of ICTs in all aspects of education, as a way of both widening access and improving the quality of provision
  4. Changing paradigms in educational theory favoring a more active learning and learner responsibility and autonomy
  5. Emerging priorities in education linked to enhancing creativity and innovation as personal traits and as characteristics of the learning environment.

All of these challenges necessitate that adult providers are equipped and skilled to use new methods and approaches in their training and classroom practice.

This intellectual output addresses these challenges by developing a screening tool and scorecard on adult education providers’ performance with regard to the effectiveness of their educational offer.

This is an analytical tool for external assessment and self-assessment of adult education relevance and effectiveness. The tool assists adult education providers to map their strengths and weaknesses and to design effective strategies for further development.

It is developed based on interviews we carried out in our partner countries with adult education providers and adult educators, taking into account all the important elements that emerged for ensuring the quality of adult education provision.

In the following section, you will be asked to answer questions in 4 different thematic areas. These areas deal with your performance as adult education provider with regards to the relevance of your educational offer.

Submit your answers and then you will receive a downloadable fitting scorecard with tips and information that might be of great added value for you. Please answer the questions thoroughly and take your time to reflect about your performance.

In case that a question does not fit one hundred percent to your situation, please choose the answer that is closest.

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