Our IPAL project and research– Quality in Adult Education

In 2020, the Spanish National Agency for Erasmus+ project SEPIE registered a 63% increment in the rate of Adult Education approved project, with respect to the previous year.

This is a relevant indicator of the growing interest in adult education at European level. In general, there is consensus in Europe that high quality learning provision can be achieved by developing a skilled teaching workforce through initial training, continuous professional development (CPD) and mobility.

Funded under the ERASMUS+ program, KA204, the IPAL project (Project reference 2020-1-ES01-KA204-082050) reflects this interest and need, aiming to improve Instructional Practices in Adult Learning and supporting Adult Trainers’ Professional Development. The IPAL project targets adult education providers (organizations) and adult educators (trainers), policymakers, educational experts, with the specific objectives to develop two quality monitoring tools for adult education providers’ performance and a relevant training resources for adult educators.

It is a joint initiative of 5 organizations in total, from Bulgaria (European Center for Quality) Italy (Promimpresa), Greece (Academy of Entrepreneurship) and Germany (Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft), coordinated by the Spanish Tribeka Training Lab, that seeks to contribute to achieving this task. A shared belief among the experts involved in the project, is that the main innovative aspect of the project lies in the fact that the outputs consist of practical tools to measure the quality in Adult education Providers.

As preliminary step to our first output development, an exploratory transnational research is currently in place, aiming to define a common understanding about the items to be included in the final monitoring tools.

The research, delivered in 5 different countries, is addressed to adult education providers and adult educators, through 2 different sets of questions:

  • The first questionnaire is designed to look behind the scenes of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) from the organizations ́ point of view to find out more about the common standards, official rules and different approaches, but also weaknesses and requirements.
  • The second shall give an insight in the view of adult educators themselves and their personal point of view regarding the official requirements of CPD, the own position and the state-of-the-art of CPD in adult education. Also, it shall point out where needs are and where and what support would be useful.

If you are interested to take part in the project’s focus groups, you can send an email at: contact@ipalproject.eu

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