The Partners

Tribeka Training Lab

TRIBEKA TRAINING LAB S.L.U. is a training agency, located in Andalusia – Malaga, that promotes, organises and manages internships and educational programmes to enhance professional and learning possibilities of teaching staff, unemployed, young workers and students and organisations coming from all over Europe. Tribeka was established in 2015 to answer to the growing demand for vocational training and professional development opportunities in Spain. It is an expert on creating intercultural connections between VET schools and companies or institutions, to guarantee a constant knowledge sharing, both for teachers and students.

Its job is based on the promotion of learning transfer, both formally and non- formally and on the creation of a solid network based on practical experiences in different types of businesses. Professional practical internships are offered in private sector companies, self-employment societies, governmental organizations, NGOs, schools, colleges and universities, providing a complete and various professional framework.


Promimpresa s.r.l. is a private enterprise providing training and services to individuals, public entities and companies. The corporate headquarter is located in San Cataldo (Sicily); the other branch offices are in Palermo (Sicily), Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna), Mantova (Lombardy) and Gela (Sicily). Promimpresa’s staff is composed of 35 full-time employees and a roster of external experts. Its aim is to support companies and agencies in human resources development, providing training courses and qualified assistance.

Promimpresa delivers Professional Training and VET training recognised by Regional Authorities and carries out activities of search and recruitment, placement, reskilling and upskilling, targeting unemployed people, young people, NEETs, as Employment Agencies. It also delivers International Assessment and Certification (Language, IT, Competence).


Promimpresa SRL
European Center for Quality Ltd (ECQ)

European Center for Quality Ltd (ECQ) is a private company, founded in 2001 with experience in training SME managers and employees in the application of different quality standards. Since its establishment, ECQ Ltd has developed, implemented and/or supported the realization of projects for more than 150 enterprises and more than 13 municipalities.

The company is specialized in 4 main fields: Management consulting in the field of EU-funded projects, design and delivery of training programmes for business entities and employees, implementation of various initiatives linking the world of business and innovation with the education and training sectors, and development and implementation of international standards for quality management.

It works in close cooperation with a number of foreign partners, among which are educational institutions and universities, research institutes, qualification centers, NGOs, chambers of commerce, SMEs etc.


Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. Wisamar works in the following areas: Labour market and social integration, Further education, EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy and as Project Office for different EU funded projects.

Together with partners from the Leipzig-Halle region as well as from all over Europe, Wisamar is committed to common European activities in education as well as regional development.


Academy of Entrepreneurship

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens “HFAISTOS“. AKEP is a non-formal training and research organisation that works as a training hub of private and public initiatives related to entrepreneurship skills development for youth, long term unemployed, NEETs, VET trainers, teachers, adult trainers, public officials, artists etc., contributing though its activities to the realisation of SDGs (agenda 2030). Since 2010, AKEP has successfully implemented more than 35 European projects in the fields of Youth, VET and Adult learning through Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices projects. In order to achieve greater impact, AKEP has formed partnerships with European Networks, Institutions, Public Authorities and other NGOs. Its network consists of more than 100 strategic partners worldwide.

In addition, AKEP is one of the Intermediary Organizations in Greece for the ’Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ EU programme, giving the opportunity to new or aspiring entrepreneurs to improve their business model next to experienced SME owners and expand their network via cross border exchanges.