The Project

The IPAL project primarily focuses on aspects of Adult Education that are related to the role of adult trainers in ensuring the relevance, quality and efficiency of adult learning. There is a consensus in Europe that high quality learning provision can be achieved by developing a skilled teaching workforce, notably through initial training, continuous professional development and mobility.

Thus, the IPAL project aims at: 

  • providing access to practical resources for training in effective instructional practices and building the capacity of adult education providers to plan, design, deliver and assess CPD programs 
  • providing voluntary quality monitoring tools for adult education providers in the field of CPD of staff and overall relevance of the educational product which should promote better institutional development strategies and make the organizations more able to recruit and retain qualified staff 
  • improving the skills of educators and instructional practices in the classroom, and increasing efficiency and relevance of the educational provision
  • enhancing awareness among adult education providers and adult trainers of quality monitoring in adult education

The projects overall objective is to develop quality assurance tools and training resources that promote the professional development of adult trainers and the quality of adult education. 


The specific objectives are: 

  • To develop a quality monitoring tool for adult education providers performance with regard to the continuing professional development of adult trainers 
  • To develop accessible and relevant training resources for adult educators targeted at improving instructional practices and equipping adult trainers with the resources and skills to introduce and use new methods and approaches in the training process, in particular methods suited to handling learner diversity, teaching in a multicultural environment, developing creativity and innovation and applying digital and ICT tools in teaching 
  • To develop a quality monitoring tool for adult education providers performance with regard to overall relevance and quality of educational provision 

Target groups

Primary target group: adult education providers (organizations) and adult educators (trainers), policymakers, educational experts 

Secondary target group: relevant groups in other education sectors (e.g. VET).